Colorado, 1978

Our first subdivision


Morrie Osterer

Jerry Fixel Inc. remains named after its founder, who began his career as a crafter of wooden boats and airplane structures, back in the era when canvas was stretched over wooden frames, and who started his first construction business when still a teenager.  Although he went on to build large scale structures such as railroad sidings and processing plants, his devotion to perfection and detail never changed.  In the final phase of his career he designed and built, one at a time and almost single handedly, entire streets of houses in Mandarin.

Michael Fixel, President of Jerry Fixel Inc. and licensor of both companies, is a graduate of Columbia University, but equally values his time in the field as a carpenter.  He has been honored with commissions to design and build the personal homes of engineers, with their intense focus on the technical, and financial consultants, with their focus on value, on the river, on the ocean, and in the most prestigious neighborhoods in Jacksonville, and has been selected many times to oversee construction of major commercial projects, including control of the design process. 

Michael also provides construction management services, evaluates buildings prior to purchase, and has served as an expert witness.

Morrie Osterer, President of Osterer Construction, is a graduate of Stony Brook University. Aside from extensive experience in work for the government and hospitals, he is especially proud of unique projects such as the authentic Cambodian Buddhist Temple built on the Southside, and a 30,000 sq.ft  buildout for the FBI.   As part of his charitable activities, Morrie acted as liaison and coordinator for a $5,000,000 addition to River Garden Retirement Home.